Danny Fullerton

About me

My name is Danny Fullerton aka northox. I live in the French part of North America (Montréal, Québec, Canada). I’m Cofounder at Mantor Organization and work full time as a CISO.

Oh, as you might have seen, I’m also a hobbyist photographer… on a budget. See below.

Field of expertise

My work and interest touch both extremes of the security field:

  • Deep technical problems about how security is built into computers (Root of Trust, Security by Compartmentalization, Trusted Computing, Operating System architecture) and on the other end;
  • How sound security is brought up and managed efficiently in an organization. This has to do with economics, processes and culture.

The latter is where I spend most of my time but the former is what I’m mostly known for as I’ve been a speaker at different security conferences (e.g. Hackfest.ca). This should change in a near future.

I use a lot of Open Source software/hardware and give back by getting involved in the community as an Open Source developer. My public work can be found on github.


The pictures in this blog are scenes from my trips and my neighborhood. They are taken from a simple smartphone.

Why do I put some total random pictures in a security blog? Simply because I feel like it. This is one of the very few activities I enjoy aside computer stuff and using my shots as part of my work makes it feel a little more personal and human.

I’ve developed this new interest while being inspired by a seasoned developer and friend on the other side of the globe (Japan) named John Mettraux and a former IBM co-worker and friend, Denis Dumouchel.

If you’re interested, you can find most of my pictures on flickr.


You can reach me by email at this address: danny at mantor dot org. My email PGP key fingerprint is as follow and can be validated with my master key as described below. Otherwise, I can be found on twitter and sometimes on IRC/freenode under the alias northox.

8A70 E815 92F5 262A EEB1 7BF1 1055 33C9 CF49 C615

Validating my identity

All my keys are signed by my “Danny Fullerton Master Signing Key”. This key as a high assurance level as it’s only used for signing other keys and never exposed to network-enabled VMs under Qubes OS.

C6FC 629C C059 0C23 A3EA 424E B051 4D88 E186 890E

Make sure you use different sources to confirm the fingerprint, e.g. twitter, in person (no it’s not awkward, just inconvenient… that’s what the web-of-trust is all about).


The views and opinions expressed herein are mine and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer(s).